The Poppy Project

A spectacular display of handmade, individually crafted poppies in Northampton to commemorate the WWI Armistice

Artified is a small business that provides an opportunity for people to enjoy making things, mainly from clay. This might be on a large scale, as with the poppy and daffodil projects, or at an individual level for example with the green men workshops, and artist in residence days.

Clay is an ideal medium to enjoy and experiment with, and mistakes really don’t matter because clay can be screwed up into a ball and it’s very easy to begin again.

People often believe they have no artistic talent, but this is usually because they put pressure on themselves to produce something of quality without having had the opportunity to learn the basics and to practice. No-one would expect to sit at a piano for the first time and play a piece of music and in the same way, it’s unrealistic to expect that anyone holding a pencil and paper should be able to draw or holding a piece of clay means it can immediately be turned into a plate. 

With the help of someone who has been there before, and made many mistakes of their own, adults and children with very little or no clay experience can be guided into making something they are proud of. Once the work is fired, it can be left plain, painted with acrylic paint, or fired a second time having been coated with a glaze.

Working with clay can in itself be very therapeutic; even making a simple clay tile to decorate is both rewarding and satisfying. 

Artified workshops are designed to be fun and enjoyable. All work is individual and there’s absolutely no pressure to meet unrealistic goals. Everyone has the opportunity to work at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Workshops and residence days are suitable for adults and children and can be tailored to the needs of a particular group and the time available. Please contact me for further information.

Ceramic poppy in presentation box
Ceramic daffodil in presentation box
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