Making the Poppies

Step by step...

"Each poppy really is ‘hand-made’. No two are exactly the same. 

Every poppy head is literally hand-painted with a paintbrush"

It takes about 130g of clay to make a poppy.  The clay is weighed, and rolled between two boards to give an even thickness.  The poppy shape is cut from the clay and the curves are moulded by hand, then a hole is stamped from the middle.

The poppy needs to dry before it can go into the kiln and the colour of the clay changes from dark brown to biscuit coloured.

After several days, the poppy heads might seem dry, but they spend another few hours in the kiln on a low heat to remove any residual moisture before being fired overnight at a very high temperature.

Once fired, the poppies are laid out for painting.

The tops are painted with red acrylic, then the backs are done.

When dry, the poppies are stacked in layers.

Corks sourced from Portugal are painted black to form the centre of the poppies.


Each cork is then mounted on a cane to provide a strong stem and centre for each flower.

Scroll through the images below to see how the poppies were created.​