For someone who is a creative thinker, ideas are not difficult to come by! However, finances are necessary to fund ideas, and that’s where it gets a bit harder!

Both the Poppy and Daffodil projects were intended as art projects with the possibility of raising money for charity. The 100 year anniversary of the signing of the Armistice was a very poignant moment in history and the proliferation of poppies on virtually every street corner demonstrated that this meant a lot to so many people.

There were no financial guarantees though, and the best I hoped for personally with the Poppy Project was that funds would be raised for the Royal British Legion and the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Abington, and that the costs of materials would be covered. It would of course be impossible to pay for the enormous amount of time it took to make, fire and construct 2000 poppies, to "plant" them out, take care of them, sell, distribute and remove them from the church. That was all a labour of love on my part, and on the part of family and the many, many friends who helped. As it turned out, from the Poppy Project £1,250 went to each of the Royal British Legion and the Church of St Peter and St Paul, costs were covered and a small profit made. That represents success!

The Daffodil Project will hopefully raise funds for Marie Curie, and again for the Church of St Peter and St Paul who are once again hosting the project. Marie Curie specialise in the care and support of people through terminal illness. The daffodil is their symbol and the clay daffodils lend themselves well to the theme of ‘Hope’. One of the ‘Fields of Hope’ is just around the corner to the Church. Daffodils can be purchased to raise funds for Marie Curie and the Church, or simply as a gift for Mothering Sunday.

These are both bigger cumulative projects, there are also workshops and artist in residence days.

The Daffodil Project
Spring 2019
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The Poppy Project
Autumn 2018
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