The Daffodil Project

A spectacular display of 1,000 handmade, individually crafted daffodils in Northampton

Spring 2019


The Daffodil Project is Artified's second project, for which I have made 1,000 individual clay daffodils to display at "The Church in the Park" in Abington, Northampton. 

They were "planted" on 8th March and will remain on display for several weeks.​

About the Daffodils

Every daffodil has been hand-made and no two are exactly the same.


The word ‘Hope’ that is positioned with the daffodils is no accident. The Marie Curie Field of Hope is just around the corner to the Church of St Peter and St Paul, and each daffodil planted there represents someone who has died of cancer, or has gone through a terminal illness.

The ceramic daffodils in the churchyard also represent Hope and can be purchased simply as a Mothering Sunday gift or as a reminder of a loved one who has been through a terminal illness such as cancer.

Purchasing a Daffodil

The daffodils can be purchased via our online shop or through an order form available at the Church. Of the £10 from the daffodil sale, £2.50 will be donated to the Church of St Peter & St Paul, and £2.50 will be given to Marie Curie. 

The amount of money raised will be announced on this page at the end of the project. 

Daffodils (with the presentation box and/or the cane) will be available for collection from the Church on the 28th / 29th / 30th March, between 11am and 1pm, or can be posted if preferred. Posted daffodils will arrive in a presentation box (please note - without the cane) as soon as possible after the order has been made. Orders can also be collected 22nd / 23rd / 24th April.

Viewing the Daffodil Project

While the daffodils are on display, the Church will be open each day between 11am and 1pm. Anyone who would like to remember a loved one, is very welcome to light a candle in their memory and these will be available in the Church. Prayer cards will also be there for anyone who would like one.

Ceramic daffodils
Making the Daffodils
Step by step...
Ceramic daffodil in presentation box
Ceramic daffodil in presentation box
Purchase a Daffodil
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